The music of The Ultimate 3 is mostly conceived on acoustic guitar by front man Doug Kuiper.  His atypical tuning and dynamic rhythm is the origin of the band’s sound.  Doug teamed up with Mike Boeve, lead guitarist in 2013.  Mike’s refined solo work with both acoustic and vintage electric tones create a rich, organic feel.  The rhythmic vibe is driven by bassist Mike Steffes who adds the unmistakable sub-tones of a 6 string bass.  Steffes and Boeve played together for years in the West Michigan music scene.  The combination of the low-driving sub-bass and warm, rhythmic acoustic guitars give The Ultimate 3 their signature sound.  After months of searching for the right fit on drums Doug turned to an old friend and former band mate, Dave VerMerris.  Dave joined the band shortly after writing began for their first album.  His hard-hitting, infectious pocket grooves is exactly what their music needed. The Ultimate 3 went into the studio in 2013 to recorded their debut album, “Day In The Sun.”

Doug Kuiper – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Mike Boeve – guitars, backup vocals
Mike Steffes – Bass, backup vocals
Dave VerMerris – Drums, backup vocals

Doug and Mike are the driving force and primary song-writers in the band.  They are both students of the vintage, analog sound. The album “Day In The Sun,” is a product of tireless hours spent in the studio experimenting with analog gear and outboard signal chains.  Between tours, the majority of the band’s rehearsal time is spent in the studio, tracking and writing with an occasional impromptu concert in West Michigan.

The Ultimate 3