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The Ultimate 3Acoustic guitar-based rock music often gets mislabeled by the MTV generation as “unplugged.”  The Ultimate 3’s “Day in the Sun” album refutes that tired notion with a collection of amped up songs showcasing the power well-rounded musicians can produce with acoustic guitars.

Based in Michigan, The Ultimate 3 is actually comprised of four members — Doug Kuiper on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Mike Boeve on lead guitar; Mike Steffes on bass; and Dave VerMerris on drums. Everyone sings backup vocals.  The Ultimate 3 create warm, lush musical landscapes — punctuated by Kuiper’s distinct and often snarling vocals — that stand out in today’s cookie-cutter music scene.  “Day in the Sun” is replete with catchy hooks, meaty riffs and luxurious melodies.

Album highlights include:
  • Sorry” — Kuiper’s remorseful vocals blend seamlessly with hypnotic guitars to create an anthem of regret.
  • Mercy” — A single-worthy track that contains both whispers and shouts of joy and hope for the future.
  • Be Like You” — Ultimate 3’s thick guitars frame Kuiper’s retort of a role model gone bad.
  • I Am” — Kuiper’s incisive lyrics on this song are some of the most provocative on the album: “We all have a day of darkness, we all are searching for something. You dance to a new religion, I wave my hand goodbye.”      
  • Let Me Hear You Roar” — Perfect for watching an afternoon of NFL games (the rousing track includes a referee’s whistle, touchdown calls and even a personal foul penalty). Kuiper implores the listener, “You got the fight, you got the fight, you got the fight … so let me hear you roar.”
This is not your father’s campfire sing-along acoustic guitar set.

The Ultimate 3 prompt a three-fold response: Press play. Listen. Repeat.

— Rick Lubbers,
Executive editor of the Duluth News Tribune


About The Ultimate 3

The Ultimate 3 is an alternative rock band from the United States. The band recently released the song Sorry from their album "Day In The Sun" in the United Kingdom.