Thanks To Our Fans!

The Ultimate 3Thank you to all our fans for your support.  I greatly appreciate the requests for our music and the continued radio play.   We are back in the studio, writing and recording some new songs; that is where the creativity really takes place.  Between horsing around and having fun, we do get a lot of music recorded.  If you listen close, you can hear Doug playing a little brown jug in the background of “Be Like You.”  After 40 tries or more, it is safe to say that he is an expert at playing with jugs.  I think we put in 15 hours or so straight on that recording.  We go through a time warp when we walk through the doors at AudioBay Studios; eight hours seem like one.  Another way we have been active in the studio is recording an acoustic version of “I Am.”  We really enjoy playing the song live acoustically so we stripped down the guitars with minor changes for the recording.

Another project we are working on is a music video.  This is unfamiliar territory for us and we want to be sure we get it right the first time.  We just settled on a site to shoot the video after visiting numerous locations.  Look for the video to be released this June.

I would really like to give special thanks to all of our UK fans.  Looking forward to venturing across the pond to play our music for all of you.

TU3, Michael Boeve

About The Ultimate 3

The Ultimate 3 is an alternative rock band from the United States. The band recently released the song Sorry from their album "Day In The Sun" in the United Kingdom.