The Ultimate 3 Video Release “I’m Sorry”

The Ultimate 3The Ultimate 3 is filming the principle photography for their upcoming video release of the song “I’m Sorry.”  The majority of the filming will take place in Grand Rapids, MI.  The band has teamed up with Bandon Media from Chicago to handle the primary production while the Audio Bay (Rockford, MI) will handle the post-production.  The concept video is a brain child of front man Doug Kuiper.  The decision to make a video for “I’m Sorry” for their first effort comes on the heels of the songs success in the the UK.

The band is excited about the prospect of releasing this single.  This video represents the first of several to be filmed and released in 2017.  The band has begun writing and recording for their follow-up album to “Day In The Sun” and are expected to have at least one video ready prior to the new album’s release.

About The Ultimate 3

The Ultimate 3 is an alternative rock band from the United States. The band recently released the song Sorry from their album "Day In The Sun" in the United Kingdom.